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The Theory Test is a two part examination consisting of a multiple-choice part and a hazard perception part. The Hazard Perception test is done shortly after you complete the written part of the exam. You need to pass both parts to pass.
You can drive and take lessons before passing the TheoryTest but you will not be eligible to book a Practical Driving Test unless you have passed the Theory Test.
If you try to book a Practical Driving Test before passing the Theory Test the booking system will ask you for your Theory Test Certificate Number and if you can't provide one that's as far as the booking process will go. Once you have passed the certificate is valid for two years.

This is a recent addition to our current customer service.There are some sites online who will offer to book your Theory Test but will charge you a huge booking fee so PLEASE AVOID BEING SCAMMED! The safest way to book is either with or Passfast UK, we do not charge you extra for this service as it is the first part of your Intensive course and we only charge the current price. If you require assistance please contact us You may also book it yourself at or by telephone You will require your Provisional Licence and a Debit or Credit Card. The current fee is £23.00

Recent post on Google:
Theory tests are available from November onwards at the new Seagate test centre in Dundee opposite the Bus Station. This FREE BOOKING SERVICE of DVSA tests is for all current and new Passfast UK Ltd customers at the current rate £23.00 with no extra charges. Tests can also be provided at any other UK centre This is a recent addition to our current customer service. (end of post)

When you have passed!

Congratulations! Now is the best time to select and book your intensive driving course as you are now eligible for a practical driving test and we can guarantee your practical test will be arranged directly after your last lesson. Once your course and Practical Test are arranged we will provide you with an Invoice/Receipt and Timetable also a copy of the DVSA Test Confirmation Letter.
For further information or if you wish to arrange a Trial Assessment Lesson or book an Intensive Course please contact us
For your convenience we work 7 days including public holidays.

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