Terms and Conditions

Complaints Procedure

Passfast® UK act solely as agent and only negotiate on behalf of clients and self employed registered Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency Instructors
Passfast® UK does not accept responsibility for any situation which might arise during the course of tuition which may give cause for complaint.
If your complaint is concerning tuition you should contact the instructor. You will find the instructor's mobile number on your course timetable. After contacting the instructor if your complaint is unresolved then contact the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency, Head Office, Berkeley House, Croydon Street, Bristol BS5 0DA.

  1. If you are unsure of the length of course best suited to you we provide a one or two hour trial assessment lesson which may be taken prior to booking your course. You may select any course you wish without taking a trial lesson but you must take full responsibility for the length of course you select.
    Passing your Theory Test is not required before booking a Block of lessons but a Block Booking cannot be converted under any circumstances at a later date to an Intensive Course with Practical Test after the last lesson.

  2. Please note - no one can recommend which course to take without observing your driving ability.
  3. Any alterations to arrangements made with Passfast® UK regarding your Timetable and Practical Test must be finalised before course commencement, as it will be assumed you agree that these arrangements are satisfactory once payment of your course balance is received.

  4. The initial payment of £112.00 comprises a £50.00 course reservation fee which is part of the course price and practical weekday test fee costing £62.00. If you cancel your intensive driving course after your practical driving test and timetable have been arranged, the course reservation fee becomes non refundable and only the practical test fee can be refunded provided your application for a test fee refund complies with the MINIMUM DATE FOR CANCELLATION supplied by the DRIVING and VEHICLE STANDARDS AGENCY at the time of booking. You can find this information on your DVSA test booking confirmation letter or online at
    Check, change or cancel your DVSA practical driving test online.

  5. Short notice course cancellations of less than seven clear working days not including the day of course commencement and the day you inform us also weekends and bank holidays will forfeit the £50.00 Course Reservation Fee. The test fee will be refunded per conditions in (4)(8).

  6. We will reserve a Dual Controlled Vehicle and Instructor on your behalf and if payment of your course balance is not received by the latest date stated on your invoice which is fourteen days before course start we can no longer guarantee your reservation. In this event your £50.00 course reservation fee is non-refundable and your Intensive Course and Test may be overwritten without prior notification. We will not cancel your test but if you intend to attend for this test you will have to provide your own vehicle and someone to accompany you.

  7. In the unlikely event of the course being terminated by the instructor, the Course Price will be refunded less the £50.00 course reservation fee and cost of lessons already taken which will be charged pro rata. An administration charge of £25.00 plus any further costs incurred by Passfast® UK Ltd on your behalf will also be deducted. The Practical Test fee can only be refunded if a refund can be obtained from the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency. There is no refund if a course is abandoned for any reason at any stage by the client unless special circumstances can be verified by the instructor. Any refund less expences incurred on the clients behalf is at the discretion of Passfast® UK and without prejudice. In the event of a dispute complaints should be directed to DVSA Headquarters (address above).

  8. The conditions for use of a Driving School Vehicle for the Practical Test require that the candidate must be capable of controlling the vehicle without verbal or physical assistance from the Instructor. Should the candidate fail to reach the required safety standard and in the opinion of the instructor would be unsafe to take the test, the instructor reserves the right to withhold the use of the driving school vehicle. In this event it is likely you will lose your Practical Test Fee as the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency requires 3 clear working days notice to refund a Practical Test Fee excluding the Test Day, Weekends, Bank holidays and the day you inform them, unless of course, you provide your own vehicle which must comply with current legislation. In addition, from 6th April 1999 all cars must have a seat belt and headrest for the front seat and a rear view mirror for use by the examiner.  

  9. It is your personal responsibility to ensure that you are in full compliance with the current legislation regarding your fitness to drive with respect to: EYESIGHT, ALCOHOL, DRUGS AND MEDICINES. Any disabilities likely to impair your ability to use the controls of the vehicle MUST be disclosed at time of booking. see Medical Rules for Drivers and Reporting for your Practical Driving Test

  10. At the driving test centre you must bring the following items with you. If you do not, the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) may refuse to carry out the test and you may lose your fee.
  1. If your licence is not available for any reason, or if you have an enquiry about driving licences and entitlements, please telephone Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) on 0300 790 6801, or  write to DVLA Longview Road, Swansea SA6 7JL (see If You Need a New or Updated Licence) Further advice on these Terms and Conditions can be obtained by contacting Passfast UK Tel: +44 (01382) 524978 Mob:+44 (0)7515 255444 Thank You - Privacy Policy
  1. Due to Coronavirus, the DVSA have suffered unprecedented disruption and reduced staffing levels which in turn has considerably reduced the availability of driving tests. A strict rationing system is in operation and has restricted our ability to provide driving tests directly after the last lesson. We will obviously try to provide tests as close to the last lesson as possible and any unavoidable gap can be bridged with additional lessons. To avoid further disruption timetables will not be moved to close the gap.

    Please ensure you have "NO WORK OR OTHER COMMITMENTS WHEN BOOKING YOUR COURSE TIMETABLE" Cancelled lessons will not be rebooked or refunded.

    It is highly desireable that once a timetable has been discussed, agreed and accepted by the customer that the days and times be strictly adhered to and NO CHANGES to the agreed timetable will be made unless disruption to other timetables can be avoided.
    The only exception is driving tests booked by us on behalf of customers or tests booked by yourself with our approval take priority over lessons and under these circunstances the necessary changes to timetables will be made.
    There are no refunds if you fail to attend at the agreed times or give less than 48 hours notice of cancellation . Once your course has started there are no refunds if you decide to abandon the remainder of your lessons.
    If you fail to meet your instructor at the agreed time and meeting point we will try to contact you by mobile phone and your instructor will wait for a maximum 15 minutes before leaving. In this situation the lessons will be forfeit and will not be refunded or re-booked.