Passfast Intensive Driving Courses
Qualified Instructor and Trainee Badges

Accommodation or Commute on a daily basis?

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The choice is yours! We will pick you up and drop you off free of charge at your hotel accommodation or if you are within reasonable commuting distance we can arrange your timetable to start later in the day to give you more travelling time and meet you at Dundee Bus or Railway Station or a mutually acceptable location.(top)

Your flexible timetable

Your timetable is normally set at 4 hours per day - 2 X 2 hour sessions with a free break in between but you can choose to have your timetable arranged to suit your own personal requirements subject to availability.

For your convenience we work 7 days including public holidays and will always try to arrange your timetable at the times that suit you best. Make sure you tell us of any dates and times you will not be able to attend as it can be difficult to make changes to your timetable at a later date.(top)

You can do Weekly Lessons and Block Bookings also Intensive Courses with or without the Practical Driving Test but if you require a Practical Test after the last lesson of your course as most customers do, you must be PASSED your Theory Test.

If you have not passed your Theory Test you can still book lessons or a course but the DVSA booking system will not accept your application for a Practical Test unless you can provide a valid Theory Certificate Number.

Once you have passed and wish to make a booking you can use our secure online booking page or you can phone our office on 01382 524978 or the enquiry/booking mobile 07515 255444. (top)

Documents you will require:

  • Your Provisional Licence
  • Your Theory Test Certificate
  • A Credit or Debit card (top)

Shared tuition ...and Guaranteed Pass! WARNING!

Beware of courses offering shared tuition as you will only be behind the wheel for HALF the number of hours advertised and the other HALF watching someone else so you are effectively paying DOUBLE the price. In other words you are not only paying for your time behind the wheel but also for someone else's time when you are NOT behind the wheel.

It is claimed you will learn more sitting in the back seat so why do we not all sit in the back and watch the driver?? By the time we get to the end of the journey we should all be good drivers - yes!! What rubbish!!

It is no small wonder that the driving schools using this method of teaching can offer so many "freebies" such as "free" tuition if you fail, payment towards your transport costs, "free" test if you fail, "free" accommodation, "guarantee" this and that and so the list goes on.

Make no mistake,these offers are NOT FREE! It's all included in the inflated course price and the whole idea is not for your benefit! It is a means of attracting customers and deluding you into thinking you are getting something for nothing and you are guaranteed to pass your test first time. Fat chance, no one on this planet can guarantee you will pass your test. They must think you're lacking intelligence to believe that.

There is no substitute for 1 to 1 "hands on" experience and the bottom line is.... the only way you will pass your test is by taking a course that matches your ability and have the undivided attention of you own qualified instructor. With 1 to 1 tuition you are the only one behind the wheel and you will not have to share the time you have paid for with someone else which is not only extremely beneficial but value for money. There are lots of examples too numerous to mention of people requiring their own private tutor and driving instruction is no exception.

Do not be taken in by the smooth talk of any establishments offering SHARED TUITION or GUARANTEED PASS!

Learning to drive is a skill for life and the safest and most beneficial way to learn is on a 1 to 1 basis with your own qualified instructor who will be dedicated to teaching you and you alone. (top)

What is the best length of intensive course for me?

When you are trying to decide on which intensive course to take please consider the more tuition you receive the more competent you will become.

A good starting point is to take a 1 or 2 hour trial assessment lesson and your instructor will advise you on the best length of intensive course to match your ability. We always try to advise on the minimum number of hours required to reach the required safety standard but this is not an exact science and a few extra hours can only improve your chances of passing your test first time.

If you are unfortunately unable to take a trial assessment lesson it is very important you select an intensive course of suitable length which matches your skill level and competence as a driver and is always better to overestimate the number of hours you think you will require rather than find out too late you have underestimated.(top)

Driving ability varies considerably from person to person so the guide below should only be regarded as approximate.

Our 1 day special intensive driving course consists of three hours in the morning with lesson four in the afternoon immediately followed by the Practical Driving Test and is only suitable for someone who has considerable experience ie banned drivers ordered by the court to re-sit the normal or extended driving test (requires extra hour). This intensive driving course is only available after a trial assessment lesson. How to get your licence back after being disqualified.
  • Our 3 and 4 day intensive driving courses are mainly for someone who has good driving skills and is almost up to test standard or has recently failed a test on a small number of minor faults. To be successful with one of these short courses your standard of driving has to be high with regard to mechanical skills and co ordination. For either of these short intensive courses you are advised to book a trial assessment lesson.
  • A 5 or 6 day intensive driving course is suitable for someone who has completed the syllabus but the driving standard is inconsistant with verbal and occasional physical assistance being required. Still requires practice and supervision to reach the required standard.
  • A 7 or 8 day intensive driving course is suitable for a beginner with some road experience and is starting to gain some confidence. Still requires full supervision and instruction in all elements of the syllabus. Both these intensive courses are suitable if continous progress with confidence can be maintained.
  • The 9 and 10 day intensive driving courses are for the beginner with little or no experience. Has still to gain some confidence and understanding of basic car control. Mechanical skills are under developed or non existant. For maximum road experience and mileage the 10 day intensive course is to be recommended.(top)

Trial assessment lesson

If you are considering an intensive course and are unsure of the length of course you will require we would recommend you book a 1 or 2 hour trial assessment lesson first and you will receive professional advice and guidance on the length of course applicable to your ability. This will not guarantee you will pass but will ensure you are close to your requirements and you have the option to add a further day if you wish just to make sure. If it is not possible to take a trial lesson the guidance above will help you decide which group you are in. Purchase trial lesson

We will meet you at...

Dundee Railway station, Dundee Seagate Bus station, your hotel accommodation or your own private address in and around Dundee. We will also pick you up at any location you request subject to prohibitive distance, extremes of weather and local road and traffic conditions. (top)

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