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As demand grew the introduction of the computer with it's e mail and internet facilities became a necessity and our own web site - passfast.com - came into being. The web site is a mine of information and is a valuable source for potential and existing clients.

To increase security and simplify the transfer of personal information I have introduced the secure online booking system. Anyone can use this system to book a course with or without the Practical Driving Test and the EUand payment is made by Credit/Debit card through RBS World Pay. It is primarily aimed at overseas and offshore clients and considerably reduces the risk in transferring information compared to e mail and telephone. When viewing a secure page the validity of the Security Certificate can be viewed by double clicking the padlock on the edge of the screen.

Enquiries are received from as far afield as Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Europe including Germany, France and Spain also United States and other EU countries. Very often there are difficulties with the quality of telephone calls from abroad not to mention the exorbitant cost and also having to deal with different time zones so the ability to book and pay for courses securely on this web site is a big advantage. back to the top


In addition to the facility to book an intensive course using the secure online booking form, all financial transactions are undertaken using The Royal Bank of Scotland WorldPay Secure Online Payment System.

All lessons and courses can be paid securely on this web site which eliminates much of the risk compared to passing details by telephone and carrying cash. If you experience difficulty in using the online system please let us know.

Cash payments are no longer accepted for lessons/courses but can be paid by Credit/Debit cards either online or by telephone.

All personal information held on file is password protected and fully encrypted with military-grade AES encryption. back to the top

Our vehicles

All our vehicles are dual controlled for your safety and display the Passfast UK Ltd roof sign and green ADI teaching licence on the inside of the windscreen. back to the top

Our Instructors

All our instructors are experienced Driving Standards Agency Approved and display the green teaching licence on the inside of their vehicle windscreen. All instructors comply with the DVSA Voluntary Code of Practice and a Registered Pass Plus instructor can be supplied if required. back to the top

In The early days

No one had ever heard of "Intensive Driving Courses", that was back in the '60's when the cost of driving lessons was around £1-25 per hour! I can just hear you say "I wish". It was mostly one lesson per week and take forever to pass your test!

Many people take life at the gallop now and want to pass their test like yesterday and there's no faster way to do it than an intensive course. back to the top

Tayside Driving Courses

As Intensive Driving Courses became more popular and more people discovered the effectiveness of this method of learning to drive the demand became intense and it was apparant that this was where the future lay and as we had been specialising in this method of learning for a considerable period of time we changed our name to Tayside Driving Courses to make it more obvious that this was our speciality and was highly recommended.

In July 2015 we became a Limited Company and the Name had to change again to Passfast UK Ltd.

We still offer weekly lessons and block bookings for those who wish to take life a bit slower and who don't mind taking a bit longer to learn. back to the top


Situated in Dundee - The City of Discovery , Passfast UK Ltd offer RESIDENTIAL INTENSIVE DRIVING COURSES from 1 to 10 days or longer with or without the Practical Driving Test for anyone wishing to obtain a full UK car licence in the shortest time possible.

They are suitable for beginners with little or no experience to full UK licence holders requiring a refresher.

We also provide a one day course with test (extended if required) suitable mainly for disqualified drivers requiring a resit or any one with the necessary experience. This is our only course where a trial assessment lesson is required.

Convenient links are provided on our intensive courses page where Hotel and B&B accommodation can be arranged if required.

With over 30 years experience teaching from complete beginner to advanced standard you will find all our instructors patient, friendly and devoted to road safety and your survival in present day road and traffic conditions.


All our vehicles carry this roofsign